Bastiaan Bosma

10 December – 21 January 2017

Opening: Saturday 10 December, 17 – 21 hrs

Live Music by White Slice at 20h

DJ sets by Roelien and Bastiaan Bosma

Drinks by Oedipus

A Juan Project is proud to present its third exhibition: ‘FML’ with works by Amsterdam based artist Bastiaan Bosma.

Bastiaan Bosma (1979, The Netherlands) studied film at St. Joost Academie, Breda and graduated in 2003 with the extremely intimate and personal documentary ‘Babette’, in which he tries to find out why his girlfriend left him.

After working as a director for Dutch national televison, Bosma focused more on his musical project Aux Raus, which he started in 2004 with filmmaker Luuk Bouwman. After a year of recording demos and playing shows in and around Amsterdam, they got contacted by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales who invited them to be part of his new art project ‘Nuevos Ricos’. Amorales brought them to Mexico City to record their debut album and tour for two months through Mexico with Mexican artist Silverio and Dutch / Argentinan artist Dick el Demasiado.

The next years were spent touring through Europe, South America, the USA and Russia while their extremely energetic 200 BPM ‘Gabberpunk’ music gained a massive cult following. With Aux Raus Bosma made music videos and started the Aux Raus franchise: everyone who wanted could claim their national Aux Raus department and receive (after being screened by Aux Raus) the essential backingtracks, clothes, instructions and guidelines to start their own Aux Raus. This resulted in six different franchises around the world, all playing shows and writing songs as Aux Raus, paying Aux Raus 15% of their income.

After recording three albums and playing over 600 shows, Aux Raus stopped playing and Bosma started several new projects like, Bullerslug, Coevorduh and recently MICH together with artist Piet Parra, of which the debut album will be released in January 2017.

While focussing on composing, producing and performing, Bosma also made several documentaries and musicvideos for different artists. In his own video and film works, Bosma focusses on his own life and more importantly, his own misdoings and oddities regarding himself, his family and his friends. Also a fascination with the past and time itself shines through in his work.

Around 2009 Bosma started making detailed fineliner drawings, which show an abstract universe of dark forms and stuctures, some of which will be on display. He recently started drawing the beginning of which will become a graphic novel, using only forms and structures to tell the story.

In his third solo exhibition ‘FML’, Bosma looks back on his life so far, showing works of extreme detailed and time consuming pondering and self reflection, not fearing to show the bad sides of his personality, his life and his fears.